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A Desk Of Your Own

Finding it's place at the heart of CoWrks are the Dedicated Desks. These are desks that you cherry pick for yourself and your team, and are slotted for you. Each membership package, comes loaded not only with a generous amount of credits that give you access to both print stations and conference rooms, but also with 24/7 access to your workstation. So, tune in and zone out.

Effortless Introductions

We pay a lot of attention towards making sure each member is introduced to the entire community. However, we also place your brand in the spotlight with signage systems hosted on your dedicated desk to hold your business cards. This, amplifies your business identity and gives you that extra thump we know you deserve.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

With dedicated desks, the lock, stock and barrel of goodness is it at your disposal. The desks are ergonomically designed and each desk flaunts a robust storage unit that swallows clutter and makes room for the important stuff, making sure your productivity is always peaking.

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