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One Part Networking, Two Parts Fun.

Upholding the spirit of collaboration, we program events that maintain perfect work-play harmony. With us, you get to network and educate, while at the same time, participate in events that will stimulate you and fuel your imagination all year round.

More Than Just Space

Finding the right space to host your event only makes one side of the coin. With CoWrks, not only do you get access to a swanky event space but along with it, you also gain access to something that's worth so much more - a community that gets what you're doing. These are the people who you would otherwise target and spend your marketing expense over.

Pick Your Terrain

Every CoWrks chapter, strategically opens to the community lounge. This is the space that reflects an abundance of energy - fueled by organic interactions. This is also the space that doubles up as an internal event space. More elaborate events however, are planned out at external event spaces that are equipped to hold a larger gathering.

Pssstt : Have something specific in mind? You can also program and hold your own events anytime you'd like. Get in touch with the team and we'll fill you in on the details.

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