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One of the best things about working from a shared office space is the fact that you get to be a part of a community. However, there's a striking difference between other communities and ours, and there's a very simple explanation to that.

A community can only be as strong as the person holding it together. In this case, these uber cool big dawgs are called community managers. They make it a mission to understand you and your business, and boy do they have mad skills! You can count on them to tell you what's good and show you around.

Let's Dive In

The entire CoWrks campus can be regarded as a networking space with the Hot desk, Fuel Bar and the Gaming areas forming at the heart. Each section is designed to drive interaction and unshackle introverts. Now, what if you have a butload of work and can't leave your chair all day? We got you. Networking events are planned regularly to make sure everyone gets to say hello to everyone.

Let's talk a little about the kind of networking activities we hold, shall we? We think hard work should be rewarded with some play time. A lot of our networking events are moulded around this philosophy. You get to connect with the community at events that are sassy and fun.

Work Play Balance, Baby!

Talking about philosophies, here's another one - We started off with a question - why can't work be fun? So, we took these two distinct identities and fused them together to see what happens. To that effect, our networking space also plays host to events that are more educational and academic to make sure the community learns and grows together.

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