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Built For You And Your People

Our exquisite all glass private studios are designed to make sure every member experiences the design philosophy and the CoWrks vibe even from within their studios. Starting from a 4 seater, these studios go up to a 100 seats, depending on the size of your team.

Babyproofing Your Office Cabins

Think of private studios as the Batman to your Gotham. By flocking together, you can guard business ideas and keep them behind closed doors. This way you even get to deal with nosey crackerjacks at work that make you cringe, and how! In a world where you can't completely control the work environment, your private cabins are your sanctuary.

Would You Like Some Cheese With That?

Like all good sandwiches must have cheese, all good workspaces mustn't just be four walls. So, of course we have more to offer. Here's a list of things you get, along with your Private Studio -

  • ● Signage - Flaunt your brand logo with a crafty vinyl at the entrance of your facility.
  • ● Desk Storage - Each workstation within your private office comes with a spacious and ergonomic personal storage area.
  • ● Acoustics - Your all-glass studio is treated to restrict sound within your cabin space. So, yeah. Feel free to get loud!
  • ● Natural Light - Look alive with lots of natural light finding its way into your workspace.
  • ● Graphic Walls - Our vibrant walls are designed to inspire. When you've run out of ideas, all you have to do is look around.
  • ● Lock Doors - With lockable doors, you have complete control over who you let into your private office.
  • ● En Suite - Need to further partition your studio? No problemo. We build en suite cabins for clients on request.
  • ● Thermostat Control - Your studio comes equipped with a fully automated thermostat that maintains optimum temperature by mapping the amount of heat generated.
  • ● Print and Conference Room Credits - Your account gets credited with a generous number of credits that your entire team can use. Further, you can monitor and upgrade these credits from the community mobile app at any given time.

If you're a team that feeds on each other's vibe and likes a little space while you're at it, this is what you're looking for. So, get a room, guys. Get a Private Studio

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