Ever feel that you’re not getting enough work done throughout the day due to tons of distractions hampering your productivity? Well, then it’s time you give your work habits a little reboot. This will not only allow you to get more quality work done in a shorter span of time but also reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks.

The past few months have made remote working a common phenomenon. However, losing your creativity as well as track of time has been the biggest bane during the pandemic. Working independently and taking accountability of your own schedule has been a challenge for many across different sectors of business. At such times, working from a co-working space can prove to be highly efficient and productive. Spending time at a co-working space can help form good habits, since it bridges the gap between pure remote work and an office environment.

Here are 5 ways in which you can give your productivity a boost:

#1 – Productivity through experience

There’s a reason why entrepreneurs and other large business owners are ditching the boring and uninspiring cubicles for appealing and state-of-the-art co-working spaces. A co-working space gives people an opportunity to enjoy something beyond their workstations thereby helping them boost their productivity at work.

  • inspiring décor opens minds to creativity
  • lounge areas gives a home-away-from-home like comfort
  • foodhall satiates taste buds
  • fitness centre aids in the unwinding process
  • fuel bar helps recharge energy

At CoWrks, we believe in offering a wholesome experience to our members, hence, you can expect all this and more at our centres. Take your team’s productivity one level up by working from a workspace that indulges their creative mind and ups their efficiency game.

#2 – Productivity through networking

A co-working space that fulfils social opportunities is sure to impact productivity. The reason why remote workers are turning to co-working space is for the social experience. Working in isolation may become a tad boring after a certain point, hence, a co-working experience can simply up your productivity by leaps and bounds. Networking not only gives you a chance to collaborate with other like-minded professionals but also helps you bond over shared interests.

We understand the importance of networking in a professional environment and therefore, CoWrks spaces are designed specifically to give collaborative efforts a boost. The lounge spaces as well as the fuel bars are the perfect spots to meet and connect with other members. Initiating a new business connection or finding a friend in a co-working space is a form of productivity. And on days when you talk to no one, the energy of people working around spurs your own productivity. Win-win!

#3 – Productivity through space design

The design element of a co-working space plays a huge role in increasing one’s productivity. Blame it on the reptilian part of the human brain! Where dull white walls and the sound of a ticking office clock can drain productivity, the buzz and appeal of a modern co-working space might instantly ignite it. Judging by the high levels of work-related stress and anxiety, an artsy space design, whether it is a meeting room or a private office space, taps on your creativity, enhances focus, improves productivity while also soothing your mind and body.

Backed by world-class space design that includes rich textures, tonal colours, playful installations, contemporary furniture, avant-garde flooring and more, CoWrks is built to bring your ultimate workspace dream come true.

#4 – Productivity through breaks

An ideal productive workday is where you practice a rhythm of 52 minutes of work time followed by a 17-minute break, according to a study by the Draugiem Group. Researchers found out that employees who kept working till the job was done were far less productive than those who took frequent breaks. As a result, these frequent-break-takers outshone by getting more done with better focus and greater productivity during their working hours.

Immersing yourself in work without a breath is not just unhealthy but also counterproductive. Working from a co-working space allows you to make the most of your breaks and come back recharged and rejuvenated thereby giving your productivity levels a much-needed boost.

At CoWrks, we believe in providing amenities that encourage you to break away from your workstation every once a while to unwind. From a fuel bar well-stocked with a wide variety of artisanal tea, gourmet coffee & cookies, an open air amphitheatre to enjoy live events and an Equifit sports arena to indulge in fitness and other fun activities, CoWrks has got you covered.

#5 – Productivity through flexible working

The best part about working from a co-working space is that it makes room for flexibility, and you can take advantage of this factor to enhance your own productivity. Whether you want to start early or late, you can always take that call depending on how productive you feel on a particular day. And that’s not all!

A co-working space like CoWrks also offers the benefit of a flexible office space with comfortable open seating and access to shared amenities and vibrant common areas that help promote collaboration. In a flexible office space, you can simply grab your work essentials, pick a spot (you can also find one with natural light peeping in) and get started on doing some of your best work. Apart from that, you get access to seamless technology. Zero interruptions in your internet connection, in turn, takes your productivity a notch higher.  A community desk support is always at your disposal for receiving mails and packages, taking care of your work essentials at all times thereby improving flexibility and productivity.


CoWrks Team