According to WHO, there has been a 13% rise in mental health conditions worldwide in the last decade mainly because of demographic changes. Another report by United for Global Mental Health, 2020 states that the global economy loses more than US $1 trillion per year due to depression and anxiety. Mental health conditions contribute to 25% of years lived with disability in the world.

Stress is known to be the biggest trigger factor in impacting both physical and mental well-being.

While mental well-being programs were initially treated as a supplementary benefit for employees at workplace, today it is amongst an organization’s key offerings. In order to enhance employee engagement and productivity, it is imperative to build mental well-being programs around a holistic strategy focused on health and well-being. A company that responds to the evolving needs of its employees is more likely to attract a supremely talented workforce.

What is Employee Well-being?

  • It is the way an employees’ work, expectations and workspace environment affects their overall health and happiness.
  • It contributes to physical, mental, social and financial factors at workplace.

Here are 5 easy ways to turn your workplace into one that improves the mental and physical well-being of your employees:

#1 – Raise awareness

As an organization, it is imperative to spread the word and help employees get access to tools they may need to overcome anxiety, stress and depression. Encouraging conversations on mental well-being and organizing mental well-being programs consistently help people re-prioritize their work-life to attain overall well-being.

At CoWrks, we believe in promoting employee well-being through interactive member exclusive events with industry experts. In a recent workshops with Dr. Marcus Ranney on mental well-being and stress management, he emphasized on the subject of self-care and the role it plays in improving one’s mental health.

#2 – Normalize time-off

Self-care and self-love is not selfish. Self-care is any habit that we practice deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional and physical well-being. It needs to be a part of your to-do task every single day 

Dr. Ranney.

According to Global Organization of Stress 2021, 80% of people feel stressed at work. For organizations to function in a healthy way, it’s important to encourage breaks and time-offs. A quick break enables employees to come back to their workstations recharged.

The average employee is working 1 hour and 56 minutes longer now than before the lockdown. In order to feel rejuvenated in such times, it is ideal to walk around for 5 minutes every hour during the workday. This will lift your mood and combat lethargy without reducing focus

Dr. Marcus.

At CoWrks, our spaces are designed keeping this need in mind. Open-air patios, vibrant and naturally lit workspaces and private conversation booths encourage a positive work environment, leaving members re-energized.

#3 – Encourage recognition

As per American Institute of Stress 2021, 26% of workers said that they were “often or very often burned out or stressed by their work”. Lack of recognition at workplace can make employees feel worthless and cause the fear of losing their jobs.

“Feelings of worthlessness can be a trigger factor of stress”, says Dr. Marcus during the mental well-being program. Therefore, a recognition-rich culture can play a huge role in improving the mental well-being of employees by leaps and bounds. This way, employees will not only feel emotionally connected to their peers but also stay motivated to work harder and achieve bigger.

#4 – Improve communication

According to American Institute of Stress 2021, 42% of workers report that their coworkers need help with stress management. To combat this challenge, social interactions can be a great way to boost mental well-being of employees at workplace. Exchanging ideas and sharing views on other generic topics can build healthy connections with peers. This in turn, can decrease stress, anxiety and depression while increasing feelings of calm and joy.

Work stress is real, as it impacts your internal universe, specifically your brain. The best thing you can do is communicate

Dr. Ranney.

As an organization, it is important to encourage employee interaction by arranging team-building activities and programs. Great connections can lead to greater collaborations. At CoWrks, we make it easier for you to connect with other like-minded professionals. With so many individuals and businesses working together under one roof, it is the ideal place to network and improve communication.

#5 – Promote fitness

As per the New York Times, walking 10,000 steps every single day can greatly boost your physical and mental well-being. “Some ways to override the stress response and be more productive at workplace is by practicing box breathing, sipping on water throughout the day and snacking on unsalted nuts and seeds” says Dr. Marcus.

In order to promote fitness, employers can offer free or subsidized memberships to gyms or fitness clubs and help employees get that much-needed endorphin boost. At CoWrks Equinox, we are elated to have an Equifit sports arena with lots of space for fitness and fun. Members can explore various sports to keep themselves fit. It can be a great way to unwind post work, thereby improving your mental and physical well-being.