So I’d open each cage.  I’d unlock every pen.
Let the animals go, and start over again.
And, somehow or other, I think I could find
Some beasts of a much more unusual kind.
If I Ran the Zoo
– Dr. Seuss

Disclaimer: We highly recommend that you proceed to read the following article in the tone of David Attenborough or Steve Irwin.

The year is 2018. It is a beautiful summer day. The light is streaming in through tall glass windows and the setting is absolutely perfect.

A revolution in workspaces has swept across the country. Young men and women from all over the world have migrated to experience this mysterious coworking phenomenon for themselves. A cluster of diverse creatures with distinguishing traits have now found their home at CoWrks.

This World Wildlife Day, we’re observing these different species of co-workers as they thrive in their new habitat.

Let’s begin.

  • The Lion – Confident and dominant, the lion is a natural born leader. He hunts for the next challenge, looking fear and risk squarely in the eye, without so much as flinching. Deeply driven, you’ll rarely see him let his guard down. He takes command at meetings and delivers presentations with ease.
  • The Eagle – This visionary has his sights set on lofty goals. They are big dreamers and are constantly trying to reach them. But if you think they’ve always got their head in the clouds, you’re mistaken. One of their most distinguishing traits is their attention to detail and keen observational skills. Nothing escapes their eagle-eye vision.
  • The Beaver – This fascinating and greatly respected species has the amazing ability to build their habitat to suit their needs. These creatures are hardworking and always keen to do more, earning themselves the popular monicker ‘eager beaver’. Their dams are in order but their Asana and Trello lists are overflowing.  
  • The Wolf – These highly social animals travel in packs. This clique thrives in their natural environment – the cafeteria, the Fuel Bar, the lounge, or the patio, usually gathering around food and conversations.
  • The Chameleon – This lizard has the talent of blending in with their company and their surrounding. A master at adapting to new, unfamiliar situations, this creature excels at first impressions and can disappear within a flash when things start to turn ugly.
  • The Sloth – Speaking of disappearing, this lovable but inefficient worker is unbelievably slow. They spend most of their time relaxing and eating. If there’s anything you are waiting on them for, it’ll be a long time coming.

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  • The Owl – Our (usually) spectacled in-house guru is highly knowledgeable and skilled. Usually consulted on big issues and small, they can be relied on for fantastic advice. After office hours, they’re always a hoot.
  • The Cat – Characterised by their calm and cool demeanor, you’re likely to get a yawn, at most, out of them in a crisis. They define their own workflow and preferences and it is only when they are challenged, that the claws come out.
  • The Monkey – These extremely intelligent creatures are great collaborators. They crave social interaction and tend to form tight bonds with one another. They can be found chattering away in groups, and are highly entertaining company.   
  • The Dog – This loyal and innocent coworker is usually everybody’s favorite. With a cheery demeanor, they keep spirits high. Their outgoing nature may seem intimidating but we all know that their bark is worse than their bite.
  • The Dinosaur – All we can tell you for sure about this species is that they have an unusual affinity for a prehistoric concept – the cubicle. Unfortunately, in the modern workforce, we believe they are extinct.

This #WorldWildlifeDay, celebrate the animal that you are and go wild with the coworking creatures that you call your colleagues.