Your team needs a place with a certain energy in the air that facilitates concentration, focus and creativity; while encouraging teamwork. A lot of workspaces tend to keep you out of touch with your team by putting you in a box. Cubicles tend to turn people into a square. Traditional workspaces have that effect on a team. CoWrks promotes collaboration with its flexible style of working, bring out ideas through interaction and help people inspire each other.

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein.

Creativity feeds on its surroundings. Your selection of the space and the aura it provides is of the utmost importance. Your team needs to be in a certain headspace for it to project in their work, it depends on the environment they are in and the surroundings they choose.

CoWrks believes in creating a workspace which harnesses creativity, enhances productivity and fosters a sense of community. With workspaces that are designed to inspire a better work-life, all your team needs to do is start working and inspiration will find you all. Spaces that help y’all be brave enough to invent, brave enough to experiment, brave enough to take risks and have fun.

Here’s a glimpse of how the design team at CoWrks composes the best designs to motivate and unite your whole squad.

Here’s how you can make the most out of our workspaces and elevate your work-life.

1.Artfully designed spaces

Inspiration comes in many forms. At CoWrks, we ensure that everybody has plenty of visually stimulating spaces which inspire their thoughts and enhances their productivity. Take ideas sky high at CoWrks Aero City, with workspaces designed around aerospace. Whether you take inspiration from the large Zepplin at the community lounge or decide to spend some down time with a cup of your favourite brew at the fuel bar or get together for quick productive meeting at one of our meeting rooms, our workspaces offer solutions for all your team’s needs.

2.Inspired for Leisure

When work gets overwhelming, it is important to take time off and find some headspace. Minds need ways to regenerate the energy it has spent on working and what better way to spend your downtime than by playing a game of foosball or simply choose to take in the natural surroundings over a cup of tea. At CoWrks, our spaces are inspired for leisure and encourage you to step away from work occasionally and foster the community around you. Spend your down time being productive, interacting with other members at the community lounge could turn help you find your next potential customer.

3.Connect with nature through Biophilic Design Elements

Natural light is known to foster a positive workspace and enhance productivity. At CoWrks, our design team has focused on bringing our natural surroundings into the workspace. Outdoor patios, vertical garden walls, planters and large glass facades help set the mood for the perfect workspace for your company. Experience the effect of the word around you and brighten up your organization’s day in the comfort of our workspace with a CoWrks Day Pass.

4.Bespoke Workspace Solutions

Find a dedicated office space with our ready to move in workspace solutions. At CoWrks, our dedicated in-house design believes in creating workspaces to suit your brand persona and business needs, all you need to do is to make a wish. The future of work is hybrid, and most companies have moved to a hub and spoke model that encourages flexible working. Find a dedicated office space for an entire team with our private studios & private suites. What’s more is that you our design team will help build and customise your workspace to reflect your brand identify and make employees feel at home!

5.Meetings that inspire

Work from home has gained steam, virtual meetings have become a part of everyone’s work life. While virtual meetings don’t have the same impact as sitting across the table and talking to another person, state of the art technology at CoWrks can bring a person across the world right there. Meeting rooms at CoWrks offer vibrant spaces, large boardrooms and even intimate lounge seating to ensure a seamless experience.

Workspaces have changed – traditional offices with cubical seating, bright white light and monochrome interiors have transformed to bright and vibrant workspaces that encourage a positive working environment.  Find your company a new home with CoWrks, you can rest assured that we have everything you didn’t know you needed!