In today’s modern world, the way we plan work has seen drastic changes. Businesses now seek seamless operations, planning, and execution from their workforce. And all that needs to be achieved in a more planned and scalable method than it used to be a decade earlier. So, when it comes to working, if we are planning to step into the future, why haven’t our workspaces matched up yet?

Back in the early 20th-century architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered the cause of open offices and designed its first-ever model at the headquarters of SC Johnson. Wright saw the conventional office space then as a restricted and non-democratic product and wanted to ensure collaboration and transparency through his idea of the open office. Designed with long rows of work-desks with airy and well-lit interiors, the open office of Wright’s vision led to one of the first breakthroughs in workspace architecture.

Open offices continue to be one of the most widely followed designs, even today. Modern workforces continue to sit in expansive rows of desks, close-connected to their colleagues, and without the divisions of a cubicle format. But as generations have passed since Frank Lloyd Wright, modern open workspaces need a drastic change or probably a slight alteration.

It’s probably time we upgraded our workspaces from being an Open Space to an Active Space. Let’s explore Activity-Based Working and how spaces at CoWrks implement this fresh design approach so you can work at your productive best.

What is Activity-Based Working?

Activity-based working is a modern space strategy that provides office workers with a choice of settings for a variety of workplace settings. Activity-based working (ABW) gives people an opportunity to choose a workspace that is most suitable for them to accomplish their work. The idea stems from the thought that employees are at their productive best amidst spaces that are suited to the task.  

In 1983, American architect Robert Luchetti the creation of ‘activity settings’ for a host of office tasks. The term activity-based working was then coined by Erik Veldhoen, a Dutch consultant and celebrated author of ‘The Demise of the Office’.

Does ABW work?

So, do Activity-based Workspaces help you be productive? The numbers say so. In a study by Dutch researchers Susan Smulders and Denis Clarijs, 70% of employees agreed that an activity-based working environment increases productivity and is more stimulating. Over 60% of them also found activity-based workspaces to be more vibrant and energetic. 

In another detailed study conducted by JLL, over 60% of the respondents said that the availability of spaces where they can relax, network with colleagues, and be creative influences their productivity. While the Steelcase Global Report finds a clear correlation between an employee’s engagement with their workplace satisfaction, where 88% of employees will be completely engaged at work when they have the choice to pick the space.

Activity-based workspaces at CoWrks

At CoWrks, we are busy re-defining the workspace and experimenting with designs and technology so entrepreneurs and enterprises can innovate and create freely. Here are the different types of spatial features that facilitate activity-based working. Step in at your nearest CoWrks centre to experience them.

Phone Booths

A day of work is sure to see you making or receiving several calls. These calls may have you ideating, negotiating, pitching, giving or receiving crucial information. But can you make a call or receive one amidst your packed office surroundings? So, how do you ensure that every call is a form of effective communication?

At CoWrks, we have crafted spaces that are designed for your calls – the Phone Booth. Strewn across our expansive work floors, these phone booths are designed to cancel noise, heighten privacy and provide you a zone for focussed conversations.

Community Lounges

Every CoWrks centre comes built-in with expansive Community Lounge areas. These lounge areas are the networking and conversational hub of our centres. Think of every Community Lounge as the heart of every CoWrks centre. Like how cities and towns have a central area or location where its residents unite and its unique culture thrives, the Community Lounge serves the same purpose for CoWrks. For our community of entrepreneurs and creators, this is where conversations begin, networks are made, celebrations are welcomed and ideas born.

Each Community Lounge is equipped with a variety of seating options so our members can pick the type of active space they seek. From comfortable lounge chairs, cafe-like coffee settings, gathering areas for small groups to extensive event space – the CoWrks Community Lounge always feels well-lit, welcoming and ready for the best of work and play.

Fuel Bar

Food and creativity make for a great pair, and the CoWrks Fuel Bars are a perfect fusion of both. Sip on unlimited cups of the city’s finest coffee or tea, freshen up with our specially curated fruit coolers, grab a snack from the fridge, treat yourself with a cookie and explore global cuisines and delectables during our special events – there’s a lot of food to fuel your mind over here.

Meeting Rooms

A day of work is sure to see you being involved in meetings. Some of them require formal settings while others are more informal in nature. At CoWrks, our meeting rooms bring together a host of spatial designs that are ready to host meetings as the occasion demands. From interviews, team huddles, business meetings, conferences to large-scale workshops – CoWrks crafts a fresh and productive take on the quintessential business meeting space.

Discussion Booths

One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.

Linda Lambert

Great conversations can stir one’s creativity. When you involve yourself in engaging debates, articulate discussions or even a quick and incisive chat, you can unearth key insights, observations or even your next big idea. 

At CoWrks, you can find Discussion Booths that are crafted for conversations. Whether it’s a face-to-face chat with a colleague, an informal chat with another CoWrks member, or networking with potential alliances and partners, start a great conversation or discussion over here.

Creative Nooks

Sometimes all you need to be your productive self is a brain full of ideas and a quiet corner with no one around. Over here you can plug in your earphones, hit play on your kind of music and get set towards getting some quality work done. 

At CoWrks, even amidst all the centre’s hustle-bustle, you can always find a series of quiet creative coves. Adorned with quirky designs, comfortable seating and lots of creative vibes, these are a favourite work spot pick for many.


Think walking outdoors into a space that’s sunlit and airy, with comfortable seating zones around and decked with greenery and vibrant designs. All of the above factors contribute to better well-being and mind space, thus, in turn, boosting morale and productivity.

Patios at CoWrks are outdoor spaces that are great for socializing, networking or for a team lunch. Let your feet up and relax, savor a great meal, soak in the great weather or just relax without care – see you at the patio.

Gaming Zones

What’s work without a bit of play thrown in? That’s why CoWrks has included a host of fun and gaming zones for our members. Unwind between your workday over a game of foosball, board games, pool or challenge a colleague to a PlayStation battle. Reward yourself for a great day of work with some play.

When applied to its complete potential, Activity-based Working offers people a fresh and vibrant approach to working. Active Spaces add more dimensions to a regular workspace, and in turn, opens up more creative and productive avenues for the workforce. 

At CoWrks, our spaces have been crafted for the best of work. Fusing in the best of scientific research and human sensibilities, our workspaces are a haven for productivity. Whether you are a young startup or a multinational enterprise, an entrepreneur looking for a plug-and-play space or a customised HQ – you can fall in love with your work at a space it deserves.

Drop by at any of our CoWrks centres and we would love to show you around.

Team CoWrks