What’s in an address? 

As it turns out, a lot. An office address, if part of a prime location, can give your business a differentiated edge and a brand image boost.  

So, what is a virtual address and how can it help your business grow? 

A Virtual Office Address gives your business a physical address, with office-related services such as a receptionist, meeting rooms, mail & package handling, without the long leases and heavy capital investment.  

In a nutshell, you and your team can work out of anywhere but use a virtual office address as your mailing address, thereby positioning your company as a heavyweight.  

Now, as businesses the world over shift to new ways of working, their demands continue to remain the same. In such a scenario, virtual office addresses can prove to be cost-effective and convenient.

Here are some ways in which a Virtual Office (VO) Address can help your business thrive

  1. A reputed address in a Central Business District (CBD)
    With a Virtual Office Address, you can own an address in a prime location that’s reputed and well-connected. When you sign up for a CoWrks VO address, you can promote it on your business stationery, email signature, website, and Google My Business listings—so you can fully reap the benefits of having a prominent address. 
  2. A dedicated Virtual Receptionist  
    As a business owner, invest your time where it matters most. A dedicated Virtual Receptionist will take your calls, handle your mail and package deliveries on your behalf, making things truly hassle-free, therefore allowing you to focus on the big picture. 
  3. Opportunity to network and build connections 
    Largely, VO addresses come with workspace and meeting room access. For instance, with a CoWrks VO address, you will have access to the physical workspace and meeting rooms for up to 5 days a month. This opens a world full of opportunities to network with our excellent member community—you can make new connections and meet your next big client.  
  4. No overheads or capital investment  
    No office leases. No maintenance costs. With zero capital investment in a premium office address, you will minimise phenomenally on company overheads, and save up to invest in critical areas of your business. 
  5. Seamless expansion into new cities
    Say you bring onboard a client in a new city and hire a team to manage them. In such a scenario, you can buy a VO address in that city, while having your team work out of anywhere. If you have a VO address at CoWrks, your team can conduct their client meetings at our workspaces, which are backed by 5-star hospitality, and state-of-the-art technology. Needless to say, your client will be impressed.  
  6. Short-term flexibility 
    CoWrks’ VO membership plans are incredibly flexible—sign up for a short duration of three months or up to one year, depending on what your business demands. You can extend your plan as and when the need arises.  

Exploring a Virtual Office Address? Our plans start at ₹4,999. Write to us at communication@cowrks.com for details.