One super-powered individual is pretty amazing. So imagine what it would be like to put together a whole team of them! From saving the known universe to battling a cybernetic overlord, The Avengers has everything a dream-team needs to accomplish whatever monumental goal is in front of them. But if there’s one thing that makes the Avengers what they are, it’s the memorable bonds they share with each other.

Especially a few dynamic duos that are almost inseparable. Even a superhero needs somebody they can depend on;, someone that will stand alongside them as they fight their daily battles and encourage them to achieve their full potential. At CoWrks, we celebrate this spirit of camaraderie, believing that we all form one supremely talented and diverse community, as we guide each other toward success.

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Loki and Thor

Sibling rivalry, Odinson is thy name. Thor and Loki share a brotherly bond that we can all relate to. Well, ok maybe not ALL of us, but you get the picture. While Thor is the steadfast, golden boy of Asgard, Loki remains the playful God of Mischief who managed to capture the tesseract and our hearts.

While they may not always see eye to eye, the brotherly pair have always come through in the end for each other. It might not be a frictionless relationship, but it’s definitely one that has it’s shares of highs and lows! If Loki and Thor are capable of putting aside their differences for the greater good, then surely you can push aside petty differences to achieve whatever you set out to do!

Captain America and Bucky

Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers are like bacon and eggs, you can have one without the other, but they’re so much better together! Bucky has always seen Steve Rogers as an unattainable goal to be chased, only to (SPOILER ALERT) one day pick up the shield. This mentor-mentee relationship has long been a source of inspiration for budding co-workers everywhere. From tackling Hydra to shining the Star Spangled Banner on the forces of evil everywhere, this is one pair that has been through thick and thin together.

From nearly forsaking the Avengers to turning on the country he loved, Steve Rogers has proven that he will go through hell and high water to fight for his comrade. And despite Bucky feeling like he doesn’t deserve Steve’s friendship, they never give up on each other!

Hulk & his alter ego

Your modern day case of Jekyll and Hyde. Bruce Banner is The Hulk. The Hulk is Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is one of the smartest people in the Marvel universe. The Hulk likes to smash things indiscriminately.

This is one team you DO NOT want to mess with. Yes, things may seem like they’re calm on the exterior, but once you push too many buttons, that’s when the gloves come off. The Hulk’s only focus is to “squash puny little man”, while Bruce Banner devotes his time and effort to make sure that he stays as far away from the green giant as possible. While there may be some resentment from Banner’s end because of the Hulk’s popularity and impulsive nature, he is willing to put aside his need to stay in control out of a mutual need for self-preservation. Though their coexistence is far from harmonious, they leverage each other’s strengths well to become an unstoppable force of nature. Banner’s weakness ultimately transforms into Hulk’s terrifyingly powerful strength, and they recognize that they rely on each other to survive. In order to stay alive, they are aware that they need to work together.

Groot & Rocket Raccoon

A raccoon with a genius level intellect and a penchant for high-powered guns and a sentient tree seem like an unlikely pair. But Rocket Racoon and Groot’s quirky relationship form an integral backbone of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Rocket’s craftsmanship and dead-aim paired with Groot’s superhuman strength and resistance make them a formidable fighting force that understands each other. While Groot does *SPOILER ALERT* technically die at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy *SPOILER ALERT ENDS* he passes on the torch to his ‘son’.

Who is also named Groot.

This sees a visible shift in the team dynamics, not all that different from having your favorite co-worker replaced. However, Rocket has taken to Little Groot well, and while he may front a tough exterior demeanor, he has a soft spot for Groot, his little tree teammate. Rocket seems to understand Groot perfectly, despite the fact that Groot makes understanding his sentiments a challenge unto itself.

Gamora and Starlord 

One is cocky and has an affinity for 80’s pop music. The other is a deadly warrior with a no-nonsense attitude that not many would dare cross. With two very distinct and strong personalities, Starlord and Gamora are the fire and ice of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While Gamora is driven by logic and is the de-facto voice of reason of the Guardians, Starlord’s flamboyant antics usually end up annoying her, though he usually intends to evoke the opposite reaction. Starlord is attracted to Gamora, which is not for the fainthearted, considering that making the moves on the daughter of Thanos is almost like dating the boss’s daughter.

While Gamora’s rigidity and super competency may not agree with the easygoing and playful Starlord, at the end of the day, they still form a great team.

Drax & Mantis 

Each possesses their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, but they bring out the best in each other. Mantis is very sheltered and appears very shy in social interactions, while Drax talks without a filter, saying anything that comes to mind. Both share a childlike innocence, leading them to form an endearing bond.

T’Challa and Shuri

Shuri’s excitement and zest for life and adventure perfectly balance her brother, T’Challa’s somber effect. She’s a young genius – using cutting-edge technology to develop outstanding tools and weaponry for T’Challa as he fights his many battles and protects Wakanda. Together, they form a strong combined force and build Wakanda into an indestructible force.  

Iron Man and Warmachine

A billionaire playboy, genius, philanthropist and armored superhero would hardly seem to find an ideal partner in an uptight by-the-book military man. Tony Stark is not the easiest person to get along with, and Colonel Rhodes more often than not has to clean up after his friend’s debacles. But when Iron Man and Warmachine step into their armored suits, they know that saving the world is serious business.


Everybody loves an office clown. But what about two office clowns with exceptional healing powers and specialized weapons training rolled into one?

Everyone loves Deadpool. He’s got a great sense of humor, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and always seems to get out of impossible situations relatively unscathed. No matter how you hit Deadpool down, he always seems to bounce back up.

But there is a weakness that Deadpool can’t seem to overcome.

His laissez-faire attitude hides a much darker persona, with a split-personality disorder that fuels his nihilistic tendencies and can take our costumed comedian into your worst nightmare.

We’ve listed some of our favorite super duos, who have overcome challenges together and formed unforgettable bonds. Which one are you?