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The Best Entrepreneurs Have These Traits

There are certain practices and habits that entrepreneurs cultivate in order to set themselves up for great things. These distinguishing characteristics define incredible leaders. Emulating these attitudes and principles could significantly improve your well-being and productivity while setting you firmly on the path to success.    

  1. Be more grateful

Successful entrepreneurs periodically reflect on their wins and take stock of their progress. For founders who tend to spend a lot of their time learning how to douse fires and deal with chaos, carving out some time for gratitude creates a backdrop of clarity and balance, and helps you operate from a place of peace rather than stress. It also shifts the focus back into the present. Consistently listing down important milestones helps further learning and develops an understanding of core strengths. Moving forward with thankfulness reinforces a renewed sense of purpose and self-fulfillment. Even Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank investor, and entrepreneur is of the opinion that appreciation is a key driver of success. As an added bonus, this practice becomes infectious and creates a culture of gratitude within your business.   

How do you do it? Start by jotting down 3 things that you did well each day, in a dedicated notebook. Decisions you made, an interesting conversation you initiated, a company target you achieved. Review this list for a burst of inspiration or motivation, when you need to.

  1. Become goal-oriented

They’re really passionate about solving for a pressing issue or targeting a specific need. They set specific, measurable goals which help increase their focus as they work towards achieving their dreams. The monetary profit or fame that they garner along the way is just a great by-product. Successful entrepreneurs do not place a huge emphasis on getting rich and famous quick, as this leads to cutting corners, short-changing customers and developing a weak product. They have laser-sharp focus and eliminate distractions. While addressing his seemingly dull fashion sense, Mark Zuckerberg famously said that he conserves his energy for important decisions by eliminating frivolous decision-making.

How do you do it? Identify long and short-term goals. An article on FastCompany recommends setting a specific theme for each day, in order to encourage deeper focus.

  1. Never stop learning

Entrepreneurs understand that knowledge is power. They spend their time acquiring information from all kinds of sources – they take notes, listen to podcasts, watch TEDtalks, and invest in great books. They also look for inspiration everywhere, which gives them a fresh perspective and prevents mental stagnation. In order to create a wholesome routine, they also consciously step back and pause to reflect – by winding down with exercise or other physical activity or indulge in reading or traveling, which also provides them with new life lessons and experiences.

Sir Richard Branson is great at this. He is inherently curious and intentionally feeds his desire to consume knowledge and experiences.

How do you do it? Make room in your busy routine for an activity that challenges your mind or body. Consistently return to this activity each day at the same time.  

  1. Practice bravery

Entrepreneurs take risks in small things and big. They have already abandoned a steady paycheck, ventured out into the unknown and sacrifice every ounce of time and energy they have toward building their dream. They are persistent and persuasive. Setbacks don’t hold them back and they don’t take no for an answer. But it is important to note that each risk is carefully evaluated – successful entrepreneurs are calculated risk takers, not reckless dream-chasers.

How do you do it? As a first step, do something completely outside your comfort zone. Initiate that uncomfortable conversation and learn to navigate difficult situations by first working through your inhibitions.

  1. Start the day right

Their habits and routine are centered around ensuring that they spend their time wisely. A simple change such as avoiding reaching immediately for the phone each morning, creates time for more meaningful, productive tasks such as exercise, reading, or art. Embracing the whitespace early in the day sets the focus and tone for the rest of the day and in turn, leads to a far more well-rounded life.

How do you do it? Create a morning routine that aligns your mind, body, and soul toward your greater goals.

  1. Learn to be self-motivated

As an entrepreneur, a lot of the time it may feel like it’s just you and your big idea. There is nobody overseeing what you’re doing or hustling you to get things done. Cultivating a mindset of motivation is tough but essential to achieving those dreams.

How do you do it?  Elle Kaplan, CEO and Founder of LexION Capital & CIO and Founder of LexION Alpha breaks it down and dishes out practical advice that is backed by science. She suggests starting by setting specific and challenging goals, taking control and ownership, celebrating the small wins and holding yourself accountable.

  1. Keep good company

They understand the value of a strong community and a vast network. They intentionally form the right circles by choosing the right people. You tend to feed off the energy of those around you and can be heavily influenced by the crowd around you. The perfect mix of mentors, peers, partners, and coworkers are a great source of support and can even contribute by influencing great product and strategy ideas.

How do you do it? Be wise about the people you include in your circle. That being said, be open to people who share different opinions, lifestyles, and preferences. Being part of a diverse, curated community (like ours) can lead to unexpected inspiration and great conversations.  

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