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Say hello to your dream workspace, in a location of your choice. With Bespoke, customise your workspace to one that embraces your brand values, culture and design ethos, and caters to your evolving business needs.

How it works?

  • Pick a location of your choice

  • Tell us your custom workspace needs

  • Review our workspace strategy

  • Move in

Our Bespoke Spaces

A non-shared workspace, that reflects your company values


Designed for you

Your bespoke workspace is crafted with precision, blending your vision with our design science, so that your teams and clients will be at their productive best.


Stay connected

Access CoWrks centres in prime localities and work seamlessly by setting up remote teams, conducting meetings or attending events.


We optimise costs, you save

Benefit from investing in a customised, premium workspace that allows you to save both on fitout and overheads costs.


Move in, quicker

Be productive faster with CoWrks setting up your customised workspace in a short time frame of 3 months as opposed to move-in periods of 6-9 months in traditional offices.


No-breach privacy

Retain your standards of security in your customised workspace, with our intelligent tech and superior amenities.


Make your team happier

Give your employees a workspace that matches their wavelengths, allows them to be their productive best and complements their (changing) workstyles.


Attract top-notch talent

An excellent workspace attracts excellent talent. With our curated events, you’ll have plenty of avenues to learn and collaborate with a diverse community of working professionals.

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