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What is the Broker Program?

The evolving workspace prompts businesses to seek better worksites and offices. Enable your clients to seamlessly transition their operations by introducing them to an ecosystem of CoWrks’ spaces that allow them to:

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    Expand or scale down across premium locations

  • icon_http://localhost:3000/images/BrokerPage/network-collaborate.svg

    Network and collaborate

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    Own an office with world-class space design

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    Benefit from intelligent technology and hospitality efficiency

The Broker Membership Compensation

Earn compounding rewards and become a preferred broker with us, as you refer clients to our premium workspaces.

New Member Tenure


Your fee

(% of first year membership)

1 - 12


13 - 24


25 - 36


37 - 48


49 - 60


If a referred member renews their CoWrks membership, you earn 2% of their membership fee for the renewed period!


The CoWrks Product Offering

Cater to the varied requirements of your clients with our standard and customised premium workspace solutions. Whether they seek a single desk, a private office studio or an end-to-end custom-built workspace, we will guide your client through it all.

product_banner_Private Studio

Private Studio

Private workspace ideal for teams with 1 - 50 members.

Requires a lock-in period of 1 - 24 months

product_banner_Private Suite

Private Suite

Premium workspace with dedicated amenities within the space, ideal for 51 - 200 members.

Requires a lock-in period of >24 months

product_banner_CoWrks Enterprise

CoWrks Enterprise

End-to-end custom-built workspace, ideal for 100 - 1000 members.

Requires a lock-in period of 36 - 60 months

product_banner_CoWrks Bespoke

CoWrks Bespoke

End-to-end custom-built workspace in your location, ideal for 100 - 1000 members.

Requires a lock-in period of 60 months or more

Our Broker Channel Partners

Join our esteemed group of broker organisations who have added to their portfolio a range of clients from different, specialised industries, and earned benefits through our Broker Membership Program.