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Custom-built offices for expanding businesses

Enjoy the liberty of focussing on business growth in workspaces that transform. Our end-to-end personalised and tailormade managed workspace solutions give you the benefits of flexible contract terms, enterprise-grade security, world-class designed workspaces, and addresses in prime spots.

Workspace that works for you

Our Workspace Solutions for Enterprises

Explore our expansive collaborative hubs that offer workspace solutions for enterprises across industries.

CoWrks Enterprise

CoWrks Enterprise

Fully customisable workspaces designed, managed and operated by CoWrks.

Ideal for:

  • Large teams of 100-1000 members

  • Centralised office location requirements

  • Requirement of private & secure workspaces

CoWrks Bespoke

CoWrks Bespoke

Fully customisable workspaces at a location or building of your choice that is designed, managed and operated by CoWrks.

Ideal for:

  • Large teams of 100-1000+ members

  • Businesses that need an office in a preferred location

  • Businesses that need an HQ

Enterprise-ready workspace solutions

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    Faster move-ins

    Transition your business to your custom-built CoWrks workspace within 3 months, as against 6-9 months in traditional offices.

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    Retain your identity

    Maintain your organisation’s culture and brand ethos within your custom-built workspace, so that you and your teams always feel like you belong.

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    Privacy compliant

    Transition smoothly into a workspace that retains and upholds the standards of privacy and security that your organisation is used to.

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    Attract talent

    Transform your business into a nurturing ground for existing teams and a magnet for new talent.

How CoWrks builds for enterprises

Read enterprise case studies that elaborate upon CoWrks’ workspace strategy that led to the creation of stunning workspaces for some of the world’s biggest organisations.

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