who are we?

Welcome to CoWrks. Some know us as India’s only large format coworking space provider. We're here to introduce you to three things, carefully designed for your business - incredible workspaces, infectious energy and an ingenious network to tap into.

incredible workspaces

infectious Energy

ingenious network to tap into

our DNA

Spread across 1.6 lakh square feet, CoWrks is a large format shared office space that has been designed to stimulate a work culture that dwells on collaboration between a community of like-minded individuals.

Home to creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises

CoWrks places maximum importance on the member journey and translates that into building a happy community that believes in making work, fun.

why we do what we do

Not too long ago, we used to be living in a country where more than 65% of the population were below the age of 35. The national age ever since, only seems to be getting younger. A United Nations report suggests that more than 280 million people will enter the job market in India by 2050.1 India was all set to be dominated by a new breed of working professionals – The Millennials.

The workforce was evolving rapidly, but the way office spaces were designed and operated had not seen much change. ‘The Cubicle’ is a 60’s paradigm that sought to utilize space effectively and office spaces haven’t seemed to deviate from a system that was built for an older generation.

We live in a day and age where a significant section of the modern workforce is not only hyperconnected, but is always on the lookout for likeminded individuals - their tribe. With open workspaces that reflect the millennial mindset, CoWrks brings together a diverse, but like minded workforce who draws value from a community and equally brings value to the table.

How Do We Make It Work?

The CoWrks Vibe

Inspiring art and design brings people together and fosters the millennial spirit.

Life At CoWrks

Productive and high energy workspaces built for you - the modern workforce.

Our Values (We Believe In)


We’re all leaders who will stop at nothing to pursue the CoWrks vision. We love conventions, because we love challenging them. We’re born risk-takers who continuously step out of our comfort zones to get the job done.


We believe that Integrity means being ethical, transparent and honest with all our stakeholders. We place the utmost value on diligent, high-quality work, while never losing sight of our vision, mission and values.


We understand and appreciate the value that each member of our team brings to the table. We believe in each others abilities and know that our team members have our backs. We believe in frequent feedback such that we can all collectively grow as a team.


While not taking anything for granted, we give respect to all those that we encounter. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of a movement that is greater than ourselves.


We never settle. Each day’s achievements only sets the benchmark that we strive to beat the very next day. We’re a part of a movement with a relentless desire to constantly keep growing our community.


We pursue to constantly inspire, and be inspired by everyone around us. We strive to rise above ordinary experiences and limitations, to achieve greatness and propel every member from doubt to possibility.

The Team Story

The CoWrks team is a community of likeminded individuals who live the millennial lifestyle and believe in the power of a community. We believe in each others abilities and our core values serve as a consistent compass in everything that we do.

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